Saturday, January 9, 2010

winter break.. and another quarantine..

hi guys.. it's been so long.. well.. how long is it? months?? heheh.. guess i'm not so much of a blogger.. okay lets cut the crap shall we..

well recently, on the end of December, i have been on a ski trip to Bukovel for my winter break.. it was awesome!!! and tiring.. but too awesome!! hahaha.. i never thought skiing would be so hard for a first timer.. but once u get the grip.. it's so much fun.. i didn't regret it one bit.. well.. the only regret that i have is that, why didn't i make this as my annual event?.. i have been in ukraine for 7 years and i have never gone to any ski trip this whole time up until now.. it was a waste.. luckily i finally get my butt off my bed n start carrying my bagpack.. it was definitely a memory that i would never forget.. EVER!!

back from the ski trip, we had 3 days to rest before we started our first class of our final semester.. it was on 4th january 2010, monday.. the hot simferopol finally went cold and it snowed.. not to forget windy.. and i had to get up early morning again to go to class.. (well actually i purposely skipped the daily surgeon meeting.. haha).. the class started like usual.. waited for the teacher to come.. went to see te patient.. n then suddenly my groupmate nalini got a call fom her friend saying that they were forced to go back home because of the quarantine order that has just been announced.. well actually this is the second quarantine break we had here.. but this time only the crimea region is affected.. so i had another 2 weeks to waste.. doing nothing.. now 1 week had passed and another more week to go.. huhu..

my concerned towards the 2 weeks quarantine break: as u all might or might not know.. 2010 is the year that i have been waiting for my whole life.. and why is that? coz it's the year that i am suppose to graduate.. receive my medical degree and finally being call a doctor.. we already had been quarantined once last year on november.. now it happened again.. 2 weeks on top of that.. huhuhu.. when will i finish my degree i wonder..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

back and back again..

my laziness has conquer all... been too lazy to write on this blog.. but somehow i miss it.. so here goes..

i've had my 2 month holiday in Malaysia.. seen my boyfriend in dubai.. and got back here again in ukraine.. i still have about 9 month to go until i can officially be called 'medical officer'.. right now i don't really know what to feel.. but i know that a major responsibility is drawing nearer and nearer.. part of me wants time to slow down.. but my major half eager to take the resposibility.. though i know that i'm still not ready.. yet, time will not wait for me.. come on Syaima.. u can do it!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

bad day?

hi all.. i havent updated my blog since..well..quiet a while.. i'm not that much of a blogger.. today has been somewhat unfortunate for me.. at the beginning of the day.. well.. nothing much.. i woke up for subuh.. i slept back. n then i woke up again around 11 o clock.. the usual.. i have planned out my day that i will go out after zohor to change my driver's license to permanent, go to sitiawan forex to change money, n buy a bus ticket to kl..

so after zohor i got out of the house n start to drive my dad's big jeep to jpj.. i parked the car across the road coz the jpj's entrance is quiet small for me to drove the car to the parking lot.. i seem to have a problem adjusting with this big jeep.. so i went inside the jpj.. took sometime to search for no. giliran ticket.. it was at the inquiry counter.. u have to ask the receptionist for it.. (why didn't they put it next to the entrance door?).. but thank God.. bcoz of that, i dont have to wait for a long time to find out that i still cant change my license to permanent.. i have to wait for 7 days before my period ends.. well, it ends on 11th sept 2009.. its still to early.. so i just think.. what the heck.. i can ask lukman to renew it for me later.. as i go out from the jpj.. i was called out by this life insurance agent guy.. i was persuaded to buy the life insurance.. n i had to pay rm20 just to get away.. what a waste..

then i went to sitiawan to change my dollar.. i parked at this small parking area.. i make a big mistake.. shouldn't have parked there.. huhu.. after i changed my money i was gonna go home.. so i reverse my car n accidently took a wrong turn.. the route was blocked by cars.. so i reverse again take the other route.. n them BANG!!.. i rammed a green perodua myvi.. i was shock as hell.. i've never hit a car before.. i tried to stay calm.. i got out from the jeep.. n asked around for the owner of the car.. alas.. he was not at the scene.. what should i do??.. i was thinking about leaving my phone number at the car wiper.. but i dont memorize my number.. it was a new number u see.. i dont know what to do.. so i got back in my jeep.. start the engine.. n i just chow..

n now.. i regret for doing that.. i should have just stayed there until the owner arrives.. i feel so irresponsible.. so guilty.. ARGGGHHH!!.. damn it!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

EXAMS... how i really wish it never exist..

its been too long.. i haven't the time to update my blog.. all bcoz of exam stress.. really mess me up big time.. i wonder why they create things like exams.. i mean.. i know it was made to test ur knowledge.. but it has alot of side effects more than good ones.. the effect that always comes at no. 1 is... like u all know.. STRESS!!.. stress leads to many disturbances.. physically, mentally and emotionally.. i dont have the mood to go out, to exercise, to sleep.. n even to go eat.. these may lead to lots of unwanted pathological condition.. i'll get back to that later.. coz i even get stressed out writing this while i'm suppose to study like hell..

E - extremely exhausting
X - means 'NO', i definitely do NOT like it
A - the score i wish i'll get everytime i'm having an exam.. but usually i just get an 'A'lmost or an 'A'verage
M - My God.. i wish this will finish soon
S - stands for STRESS!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

internet.. oh internet..

hahaha.. i'm back.. its almost a week since i'm cut off from the internet world.. ermm well.. not really.. coz i still got my phone to use as a modem.. whatever it is.. i was pissed off this last few days coz my internet adapter was strucked by lightning.. so no cable internet for me for a week.. but i was prepared.. previous experiences taught me to always get ready.. so i always have a backup plan for my internet.. whenever there's some problem with my cable internet, i'll use my phone instead.. pretty neat, huh?

but i never satisfied with just phone internet.. coz u can only use only certain amount of MB.. so its really limited.. when it finished.. then it finished.. no internet again.. huhuhu.. so why not just top up?

another thing that we can ONLY get in Ukraine.. for the internet, u can only top up once a month.. if urs finished, u have to wait until the due date ends before u can top it up again.. why did they came up with this system? i have no idea..

worse come to worst.. i have to constantly call my internet provider to fix the problem up.. in one day i have to call about 2 times to make sure they look at the problem.. but usually they wont.. so i have to annoy them by calling everyday..

well.. thank God i finally got my internet back.. now i can leave them alone.. hahaha..

Friday, May 8, 2009

2 beings that always messing with my life

Subject 1: Miu Miu.

nice and polite feline.. but really love to eat my flower.. caught red-handed eating my chilli bud and knock the pot off the window.. makes really irritating "ham sap" sound during mating season.. will grab your leg everytime u bring it out of the house.. when left at the corridor overnight, she will knock over the pail and spill the water all over the floor.. but all and all, she's a really good cat, obedient and polite.. =)

Subject 2: Bebit (Miu Miu's daughter)

Don't be fooled by her cuteness.. this short-furred kitty might look like a cuddly creature.. but once provoked, she will hurt u baaaaad.. boxing is her favourite sport.. try show ur knuckle in front of her, she will throw her punches.. she will scratch u nicely.. really likes to mess my table and ate the flower from the vase.. also loves to scratch the sofa.. favourite hangout place: window besides my bed.. she will sit in stealth mode.. and when i went to sleep, she will jump from behind the curtain and landed on top of me (cakit tau.. huhu)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Masha, in loving memories..

besides my mom.. i also happen to miss my dear beloved-deceased-hamster.. he's name is Masha.. he's smart, intelligent, and oh soooo cute.. he's big with white and black fur.. he's very gentle and nice.. but he leads a sad and lonely life, and his death is also tragic..

During his life, Masha had 3 wives.. of course not simultaneously.. polygamy lifestyle is not his thing.. His first wife, Maria had been with him ever since i kept him as a pet (i bought them both together at the same place and at the same time).. they were happily married for almost a year until Maria died due to unknown etiology.. they had no child so Masha was left alone.. but not long after (maybe a month or 2) i was proposed by my friend to let him remarry with her hamster.. i agree, looking at how lonely he was back then.. but alas! the marriage was not a wise decision.. maybe due to different species, they don't go along so well.. and maybe due to the pressure, his 2nd wife commit suicide one summer by jumping off the ladder many times.. this incident was witnessed by my roommate while she'was taking care of them during the summer holiday.. i was saddened by the news and decided not to give Masha another wife, thinking that he might still be in shock..

a year had passed and he was getting older.. he's scrotum had gone big due to the lack of use.. so i decided to buy him another wife.. i carefully searched for a grown hamster, suitable for him and not to make a mistake of buying a different species.. and finally, i got a perfect choice.. it was all ok until the day had come when he fell ill due to old age.. day by day Masha got sicker and sicker.. but his death is not due to sickness.. oh no my dear.. HE WAS KILLED!! by whom???

it was not the 2 cats that live in this house.. they never hurt him before (though sometimes they'd pay a visit inside the glass aquarium where the hamsters lived and messed around).. not my housemates.. no sir.. but it's his wife!! i dont know why.. its still a mystery to me.. but the only conclusion i can make is that Masha cant satisfy her sexual needs (tak dpt nak bg nafkah batin).. she got frustrated.. so she killed him.. how did she do it? she ate his big scrotum.. he suffered severe hemorrhage and blood loss and he died of shock..

i was with him when he's in his death brink.. i watched him.. cried beside him.. i rub his paw.. i'd squeezed it if it was big enough.. all i can do is just watch him.. died slowly... Oh my dear Masha.. huhu..

in behalf of his memory.. i post together his video with one of his friend when he's in his youth.. the cat didn't live long too.. she died 1 week after she was taken in..