Saturday, October 10, 2009

back and back again..

my laziness has conquer all... been too lazy to write on this blog.. but somehow i miss it.. so here goes..

i've had my 2 month holiday in Malaysia.. seen my boyfriend in dubai.. and got back here again in ukraine.. i still have about 9 month to go until i can officially be called 'medical officer'.. right now i don't really know what to feel.. but i know that a major responsibility is drawing nearer and nearer.. part of me wants time to slow down.. but my major half eager to take the resposibility.. though i know that i'm still not ready.. yet, time will not wait for me.. come on Syaima.. u can do it!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

bad day?

hi all.. i havent updated my blog since..well..quiet a while.. i'm not that much of a blogger.. today has been somewhat unfortunate for me.. at the beginning of the day.. well.. nothing much.. i woke up for subuh.. i slept back. n then i woke up again around 11 o clock.. the usual.. i have planned out my day that i will go out after zohor to change my driver's license to permanent, go to sitiawan forex to change money, n buy a bus ticket to kl..

so after zohor i got out of the house n start to drive my dad's big jeep to jpj.. i parked the car across the road coz the jpj's entrance is quiet small for me to drove the car to the parking lot.. i seem to have a problem adjusting with this big jeep.. so i went inside the jpj.. took sometime to search for no. giliran ticket.. it was at the inquiry counter.. u have to ask the receptionist for it.. (why didn't they put it next to the entrance door?).. but thank God.. bcoz of that, i dont have to wait for a long time to find out that i still cant change my license to permanent.. i have to wait for 7 days before my period ends.. well, it ends on 11th sept 2009.. its still to early.. so i just think.. what the heck.. i can ask lukman to renew it for me later.. as i go out from the jpj.. i was called out by this life insurance agent guy.. i was persuaded to buy the life insurance.. n i had to pay rm20 just to get away.. what a waste..

then i went to sitiawan to change my dollar.. i parked at this small parking area.. i make a big mistake.. shouldn't have parked there.. huhu.. after i changed my money i was gonna go home.. so i reverse my car n accidently took a wrong turn.. the route was blocked by cars.. so i reverse again take the other route.. n them BANG!!.. i rammed a green perodua myvi.. i was shock as hell.. i've never hit a car before.. i tried to stay calm.. i got out from the jeep.. n asked around for the owner of the car.. alas.. he was not at the scene.. what should i do??.. i was thinking about leaving my phone number at the car wiper.. but i dont memorize my number.. it was a new number u see.. i dont know what to do.. so i got back in my jeep.. start the engine.. n i just chow..

n now.. i regret for doing that.. i should have just stayed there until the owner arrives.. i feel so irresponsible.. so guilty.. ARGGGHHH!!.. damn it!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

EXAMS... how i really wish it never exist..

its been too long.. i haven't the time to update my blog.. all bcoz of exam stress.. really mess me up big time.. i wonder why they create things like exams.. i mean.. i know it was made to test ur knowledge.. but it has alot of side effects more than good ones.. the effect that always comes at no. 1 is... like u all know.. STRESS!!.. stress leads to many disturbances.. physically, mentally and emotionally.. i dont have the mood to go out, to exercise, to sleep.. n even to go eat.. these may lead to lots of unwanted pathological condition.. i'll get back to that later.. coz i even get stressed out writing this while i'm suppose to study like hell..

E - extremely exhausting
X - means 'NO', i definitely do NOT like it
A - the score i wish i'll get everytime i'm having an exam.. but usually i just get an 'A'lmost or an 'A'verage
M - My God.. i wish this will finish soon
S - stands for STRESS!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

internet.. oh internet..

hahaha.. i'm back.. its almost a week since i'm cut off from the internet world.. ermm well.. not really.. coz i still got my phone to use as a modem.. whatever it is.. i was pissed off this last few days coz my internet adapter was strucked by lightning.. so no cable internet for me for a week.. but i was prepared.. previous experiences taught me to always get ready.. so i always have a backup plan for my internet.. whenever there's some problem with my cable internet, i'll use my phone instead.. pretty neat, huh?

but i never satisfied with just phone internet.. coz u can only use only certain amount of MB.. so its really limited.. when it finished.. then it finished.. no internet again.. huhuhu.. so why not just top up?

another thing that we can ONLY get in Ukraine.. for the internet, u can only top up once a month.. if urs finished, u have to wait until the due date ends before u can top it up again.. why did they came up with this system? i have no idea..

worse come to worst.. i have to constantly call my internet provider to fix the problem up.. in one day i have to call about 2 times to make sure they look at the problem.. but usually they wont.. so i have to annoy them by calling everyday..

well.. thank God i finally got my internet back.. now i can leave them alone.. hahaha..

Friday, May 8, 2009

2 beings that always messing with my life

Subject 1: Miu Miu.

nice and polite feline.. but really love to eat my flower.. caught red-handed eating my chilli bud and knock the pot off the window.. makes really irritating "ham sap" sound during mating season.. will grab your leg everytime u bring it out of the house.. when left at the corridor overnight, she will knock over the pail and spill the water all over the floor.. but all and all, she's a really good cat, obedient and polite.. =)

Subject 2: Bebit (Miu Miu's daughter)

Don't be fooled by her cuteness.. this short-furred kitty might look like a cuddly creature.. but once provoked, she will hurt u baaaaad.. boxing is her favourite sport.. try show ur knuckle in front of her, she will throw her punches.. she will scratch u nicely.. really likes to mess my table and ate the flower from the vase.. also loves to scratch the sofa.. favourite hangout place: window besides my bed.. she will sit in stealth mode.. and when i went to sleep, she will jump from behind the curtain and landed on top of me (cakit tau.. huhu)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Masha, in loving memories..

besides my mom.. i also happen to miss my dear beloved-deceased-hamster.. he's name is Masha.. he's smart, intelligent, and oh soooo cute.. he's big with white and black fur.. he's very gentle and nice.. but he leads a sad and lonely life, and his death is also tragic..

During his life, Masha had 3 wives.. of course not simultaneously.. polygamy lifestyle is not his thing.. His first wife, Maria had been with him ever since i kept him as a pet (i bought them both together at the same place and at the same time).. they were happily married for almost a year until Maria died due to unknown etiology.. they had no child so Masha was left alone.. but not long after (maybe a month or 2) i was proposed by my friend to let him remarry with her hamster.. i agree, looking at how lonely he was back then.. but alas! the marriage was not a wise decision.. maybe due to different species, they don't go along so well.. and maybe due to the pressure, his 2nd wife commit suicide one summer by jumping off the ladder many times.. this incident was witnessed by my roommate while she'was taking care of them during the summer holiday.. i was saddened by the news and decided not to give Masha another wife, thinking that he might still be in shock..

a year had passed and he was getting older.. he's scrotum had gone big due to the lack of use.. so i decided to buy him another wife.. i carefully searched for a grown hamster, suitable for him and not to make a mistake of buying a different species.. and finally, i got a perfect choice.. it was all ok until the day had come when he fell ill due to old age.. day by day Masha got sicker and sicker.. but his death is not due to sickness.. oh no my dear.. HE WAS KILLED!! by whom???

it was not the 2 cats that live in this house.. they never hurt him before (though sometimes they'd pay a visit inside the glass aquarium where the hamsters lived and messed around).. not my housemates.. no sir.. but it's his wife!! i dont know why.. its still a mystery to me.. but the only conclusion i can make is that Masha cant satisfy her sexual needs (tak dpt nak bg nafkah batin).. she got frustrated.. so she killed him.. how did she do it? she ate his big scrotum.. he suffered severe hemorrhage and blood loss and he died of shock..

i was with him when he's in his death brink.. i watched him.. cried beside him.. i rub his paw.. i'd squeezed it if it was big enough.. all i can do is just watch him.. died slowly... Oh my dear Masha.. huhu..

in behalf of his memory.. i post together his video with one of his friend when he's in his youth.. the cat didn't live long too.. she died 1 week after she was taken in..

i miss my mom..

is it just me?? or does it occurs to u too? everytime when exam is near.. i started to think about home.. n eventually think of my mom.. i miss her alot.. huhu.. i wanna go homeee!!! but first i have to think about exam.. this coming 5 exams.. its in a month time.. oh no.. i have to get ready.. warrrggghhhh!!! i need to call my mom.. its almost mother's day too.. =(

Monday, April 20, 2009

movies i'm looking forward to see this coming JULY.. ngeee.. cant wait to go back home..






Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dragon Ball Evolution Sucks!!

just last night, i watched the new movie, 'Dragon Ball Evolution' with my housemates.. let me first tell u.. i am an all time fan of Dragon Ball manga.. the characters are cool.. the storylines are great.. the moves are awesome.. it is the inspiration of all shounen manga that we can see nowadays.. it is the first and the best manga series that i've ever read.. i can say i grew up with Dragon Ball..

before watching the movie, i was really excited.. the fact of watching all my favourite characters come to life thrilled me.. but after spending 1 hour and a half, i have a confession to make.. I HATE IT!! or more like I DESPISE THAT MOVIE!!.. there's nothing but curses coming out of my mouth while watching it.. my heart was full with rage..


the use of special effects are awesome and plausible.. but that doesn't change the fact.. the storyline were are all messed up.. the plot is weak.. the characters were manipulated.. and the actors sucked!! they have destroyed every details and foundation of Dragon Ball..

what dissappoint me the most is how they recreate the characters.. since when Goku is such a high school loser? he didn't even went to high school.. Goku is a pure-hearted boy.. he wont get hots over any girl.. Picolo controls Saiya?? u gotta be kidding me.. to list down all the altered stuffs is going to take me all day..

how can they expect millions of Dragon Ball's die hard fans to watch the movie and stay quiet about it.. sure, probably they've paid Akira Toriyama to shut it.. but he dont need to open his mouth cause millions of other critics are having the time of their life.. Dragon Ball Evolution has nothing to do with the original Dragon Ball.. it was done only to gain profit from clueless viewers.. really glad i watched it for free..

Dragon Ball Evolution is a disgrace to all of us Dragon Ball fans.. from the ranking A to F, i'd give it a G.. but i had quite a laugh watching it so i upgraded it to F.

Now this is what Dragon Ball is all about:


ever since i study in CSMU.. there are many things that i thought ukrainian ways are very different from ours (Malaysian).. from the way they talk, they act, even from the way they sell stuff.. in malaysia, supermarkets give free plastic bags.. but here we have to pay for it.. well, come to think of it, it force the customers to recycle their plastic bags, re-use it instead of buying new ones.. as for me, i never bother to bring a plastic bag wherever i go.. so i end up buying plastic bags each time i went shopping..

there is also the system of you paying your miss classes.. whenever u miss ur class, u have to rework it and show the teacher ur payment slip.. except when u got MC from the university's polyclinic, then u didn't have to pay.. this prevents the students from skipping classes.. good system huh??

but there are things that i thought is just plain WEIRD and i can't find any significants of it.. you see.. Ukrainians love to have lunch breaks around 11 - 12 o'clock or later.. this is not weird.. my story goes like this.. after Traumatology lecture, i rush out from the lecture hall and catch a marshut (a taxi van) to the city centre to withdraw money.. my Hong Kong bank card can only withdraw money in certain ATMs in Simferopol.. so i went to my most frequent withdrawing spot.. after i reach the place i saw a woman standing, as in, waiting in front of the ATM.. i was wondering, 'what the heck is she doing, standing there.. just withdraw your money and go already'.. she kept looking at the ATM screen then suddenly she left.. now i thought, 'that was weird'.. But the weirdest thing is soon to come when i took a peek at the ATM screen.. there was a notification saying, 'Oo nas pereriv'.. which means "WE ARE HAVING A BREAK".. can u imagine an ATM machine having a break? i was so dissappointed, went home, and took a 1 hour nap before going to paediatric class at Titova Hospital..

Monday, April 13, 2009


i have long to make a post specifically about what a friend is all about.. due to a certain event, i strongly feel like bringing up this issue.. so what is a friend? must it be a person? animals can also be a friend.. there is a popular saying - "Dogs is a Man's Bestfriend".. how about immovable stuff like plant's and dolls.. remember the movie 'Castaway'?? the hero ( played by Tom Hanks) be-friended a ball and called it 'Wilson' (well.. it was only bcoz of the fact that he was stranded on a desert island all by himself).. my point is, each and every one of us need a friend.. it doesn't matter who or what it is..
so basically.. a friend is someone that we can talk to, someone we can trust, we can rely on, to seek advice, to comfort us, etc.. etc.. etc.. each and everyone of us need a friend.. coz it is human nature to have company.. human's biggest fear is being lonely.. being left alone all by themselves.. even Adam needs Eve by his side.. a friend make us feel secured, wanted and accepted.. some people are lucky to have many friends.. some prefer only to have someone they trust..some hardly have friends at all..
some of us might have wondered," why is it so hard for me to find a true friend?".. while seeking this answer most of us like to blame others.. when they fight, they find other party's fault, which brings to an end of a friendship.. i have witnessed this process many times and it always happen between bestfriends..
so how to keep a friendship last forever? it starts from way before we built a friendship.. find a good person to be friend with.. someone with good personality.. someone that we feel worth giving our trust to.. then, it's depend on us.. whether we can keep it last or let it shatter..

It happens that last Saturday at Usrah (sisterhood gathering where we talk about religion) we discuss about ways on how to be a good friend in Islamic point of view:

1. choose a good and religious (soleh) friend
2. never hurt your friend
3. stay away from wrong-doers (fasik)
4. tell the truth
5. honest and never betray
6. keep all promises
7. keep all your friend's rights
8. sincere
9. help each other
10. never disgrace ur friend
11. stay away from misunderstanding
12. tell that u love ur friend
13. learn about each other before u decide to be friends
14. love ur friend like u love urself
15. visit each other
16. change presents
17. greet each other (beri salam)
18. never have bad thoughts and never be envious
19. always be together through thick and thin
20. never propose on ur friend's proposal and never buy things that ur friend wants to buy
21. pray for ur friend
22. maintain ur relation so it would last
23. do good to ur friend's bestfriend
24. help ur friend's family after his death

try this guideline to be a good friend.. then maybe others will try their best to be urs too..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Proof That Malay Language Is Used All Over The World

location: In front of Silpo, Simferopol, Ukraine.
Model tak berbayar: Fadzlan Zamalin Zainal Ashirin

weekend at Divan..

salam.. heheh.. i was thinking what should i post about in my new blog.. so here it is.. i just got back from a new Turkish restaurant at European Street called "Divan".. i was invited by Faiezz and Kak Hasanah (my housemates) to join them.. There were also 7 others (Aan, Fatin, Palan, Kheder, Steph and Shanaz)What's so special about this new restaurant? well.. for starters, its 'Halal'.. this is very important for us Muslim minorities here in Ukraine.. It's very hard to get 'Halal' food when i first arrive here during Padfak (pronounce as "Pud-Fuck" meaning Pre-Med).. Luckily, right now we got Princessa aka AC (Arabian Cafe), Taj and 777 in the hostel area.. the 'plov' place in rinak (market).. the one in 'Gudang' (this name is given by the Malaysian Student here.. the real name is unknown).. Marakan.. Istanbul Cafe and the most recently Ay Serez, Mega Fast Food and Divan in European Street..

The highlight here right now is Divan.. but i'll take the time to make a small review of the other 2 new 'halal' restaurant in ES?

1. Ay Serez - quiet, cozy and nice.. cute male waiters.. but simply too little food in the menu.. we want varieties.. and the amount of food compared with the price? hrmmm.. not quite enough.. not recommended to those who like to have heavy meals..

2. Mega Fast Food - personally i like this restaurant.. the workers are friendly and the price is kinda cheap.. talk about varieties.. nice modern interior design.. but somehow there are not many customers even though the place is strategic.. i wonder if the problem is the food.. coz my friend don't really like it.. heheh..

ok.. lets talk about the main highlight.. "DIVAN"
firstly.. the meaning of the word 'Divan'.. even though its a Turkish restaurant, the word 'Divan' is Russian.. it means 'Sofa'.. yeah.. it's the same sofa u got at your home where u sit on it while eating popcorn and watch movies.. the name "Divan" fits the theme of the restaurant coz u will enjoy ur food while sitting on the sweet, cozy sofa.. it includes 'hugging pillow' (bantal peluk)..

the restaurant located in front of the Circus at ES.. it is built underground so u have to go down the stairs.. i love the idea of them putting big mirrors in front of the main door.. coz i can check out myself before going in.. haha..

the interior design is just awesome.. lots of drawings and writings of Allah's name in Arabic on the walls.. the lighting is kinda dim.. it gives out the romantic mood.. the waiters are just too cute.. wearing traditional Turkish dress and hat..

wide varieties of Turkish dishes.. the price? hrmmm.. kinda expensive but still ok.. they give 10% discount to Malaysia students.. AWESOME!!

What did we ordered?
1. the signature dish, 'Divan Kebab' - it comes up in 3 different sizes.. well.. what it means by sizes is 3 different portion.. 1-2 portions (99 grn), 3 portions (149 grn), and 4 portions (199 grn).. looking at the prices, u can guess that we ordered the 1st size (1-2 portions) and share it with 5 person..

2. tavuk kizartmasi - chicken with gravy and paprika (me and faiezz) - 29 grn each

3. Plov - kinda like fried rice.. for more info, please Google (kak hasanah) - 18 grn

4. 2 green tea (teapot) - 8 grn each

5. Lepyoshka - some kind of bread - 5 grn

all together after the 10 % discount is worth 176.40 grn

every restaurant got it's drawback (maybe except for Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, but who knows.. =p.. ).. so what is it for Divan?

1. small tables.. its hard to eat if u got so many dishes on ur table and u have to be careful not to knock over the cup filled with drinks..

2. its impossible to combine the table if u come in a large number.. we had to sit separately coz the amount of people to seat at the sofa is limited ( 4-5 person per table)

Nevertheless.. i like the place.. we had a great time there.. chatting and laughing.. but i wont make it a frequent spot to eat.. habis la kering kocek den..

we found a prayer room beside the toilet in front of Divan entrance.. Alhamdulillah..

Saturday, April 11, 2009


recently i was 'unintentionally' provoked by quite a few to start back my blogging hobby.. i have long left this well known stress releasing, information giving (well mostly stress releasing for me) activity 1 year ago and i started to miss it (thanks to a certain someone).. i used to blog in Friendster ( for those who doesn't know, its a social network where u get to stay in touch or find new friends or soulmates and stuff..).. 5 posts in 2 years.. not a frequent writer, i know.. heheh.. the reason i stopped?? well.. there were an event that turned off my mood.. it's personal i might say.. maybe i'll tell about it a little bit later.. as for now.. i got nothing more to say.. i promised someone that i would start study seriously today.. =p.. later..