Saturday, January 9, 2010

winter break.. and another quarantine..

hi guys.. it's been so long.. well.. how long is it? months?? heheh.. guess i'm not so much of a blogger.. okay lets cut the crap shall we..

well recently, on the end of December, i have been on a ski trip to Bukovel for my winter break.. it was awesome!!! and tiring.. but too awesome!! hahaha.. i never thought skiing would be so hard for a first timer.. but once u get the grip.. it's so much fun.. i didn't regret it one bit.. well.. the only regret that i have is that, why didn't i make this as my annual event?.. i have been in ukraine for 7 years and i have never gone to any ski trip this whole time up until now.. it was a waste.. luckily i finally get my butt off my bed n start carrying my bagpack.. it was definitely a memory that i would never forget.. EVER!!

back from the ski trip, we had 3 days to rest before we started our first class of our final semester.. it was on 4th january 2010, monday.. the hot simferopol finally went cold and it snowed.. not to forget windy.. and i had to get up early morning again to go to class.. (well actually i purposely skipped the daily surgeon meeting.. haha).. the class started like usual.. waited for the teacher to come.. went to see te patient.. n then suddenly my groupmate nalini got a call fom her friend saying that they were forced to go back home because of the quarantine order that has just been announced.. well actually this is the second quarantine break we had here.. but this time only the crimea region is affected.. so i had another 2 weeks to waste.. doing nothing.. now 1 week had passed and another more week to go.. huhu..

my concerned towards the 2 weeks quarantine break: as u all might or might not know.. 2010 is the year that i have been waiting for my whole life.. and why is that? coz it's the year that i am suppose to graduate.. receive my medical degree and finally being call a doctor.. we already had been quarantined once last year on november.. now it happened again.. 2 weeks on top of that.. huhuhu.. when will i finish my degree i wonder..


naqiubex said...

Quarantined means holiday right?

syai_mania2000 said...

yerp.. it certainly is.. one day to go n i'm off to class