Sunday, June 7, 2009

EXAMS... how i really wish it never exist..

its been too long.. i haven't the time to update my blog.. all bcoz of exam stress.. really mess me up big time.. i wonder why they create things like exams.. i mean.. i know it was made to test ur knowledge.. but it has alot of side effects more than good ones.. the effect that always comes at no. 1 is... like u all know.. STRESS!!.. stress leads to many disturbances.. physically, mentally and emotionally.. i dont have the mood to go out, to exercise, to sleep.. n even to go eat.. these may lead to lots of unwanted pathological condition.. i'll get back to that later.. coz i even get stressed out writing this while i'm suppose to study like hell..

E - extremely exhausting
X - means 'NO', i definitely do NOT like it
A - the score i wish i'll get everytime i'm having an exam.. but usually i just get an 'A'lmost or an 'A'verage
M - My God.. i wish this will finish soon
S - stands for STRESS!!