Friday, May 15, 2009

internet.. oh internet..

hahaha.. i'm back.. its almost a week since i'm cut off from the internet world.. ermm well.. not really.. coz i still got my phone to use as a modem.. whatever it is.. i was pissed off this last few days coz my internet adapter was strucked by lightning.. so no cable internet for me for a week.. but i was prepared.. previous experiences taught me to always get ready.. so i always have a backup plan for my internet.. whenever there's some problem with my cable internet, i'll use my phone instead.. pretty neat, huh?

but i never satisfied with just phone internet.. coz u can only use only certain amount of MB.. so its really limited.. when it finished.. then it finished.. no internet again.. huhuhu.. so why not just top up?

another thing that we can ONLY get in Ukraine.. for the internet, u can only top up once a month.. if urs finished, u have to wait until the due date ends before u can top it up again.. why did they came up with this system? i have no idea..

worse come to worst.. i have to constantly call my internet provider to fix the problem up.. in one day i have to call about 2 times to make sure they look at the problem.. but usually they wont.. so i have to annoy them by calling everyday..

well.. thank God i finally got my internet back.. now i can leave them alone.. hahaha..


naqiubex said...

Life in the Ukraine is WEIRD!!!!

syai_mania2000 said...

it sure is.. cant wait to go back to normal Malaysia,, even though the politic is kinda messed up right now..

naqiubex said...