Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Masha, in loving memories..

besides my mom.. i also happen to miss my dear beloved-deceased-hamster.. he's name is Masha.. he's smart, intelligent, and oh soooo cute.. he's big with white and black fur.. he's very gentle and nice.. but he leads a sad and lonely life, and his death is also tragic..

During his life, Masha had 3 wives.. of course not simultaneously.. polygamy lifestyle is not his thing.. His first wife, Maria had been with him ever since i kept him as a pet (i bought them both together at the same place and at the same time).. they were happily married for almost a year until Maria died due to unknown etiology.. they had no child so Masha was left alone.. but not long after (maybe a month or 2) i was proposed by my friend to let him remarry with her hamster.. i agree, looking at how lonely he was back then.. but alas! the marriage was not a wise decision.. maybe due to different species, they don't go along so well.. and maybe due to the pressure, his 2nd wife commit suicide one summer by jumping off the ladder many times.. this incident was witnessed by my roommate while she'was taking care of them during the summer holiday.. i was saddened by the news and decided not to give Masha another wife, thinking that he might still be in shock..

a year had passed and he was getting older.. he's scrotum had gone big due to the lack of use.. so i decided to buy him another wife.. i carefully searched for a grown hamster, suitable for him and not to make a mistake of buying a different species.. and finally, i got a perfect choice.. it was all ok until the day had come when he fell ill due to old age.. day by day Masha got sicker and sicker.. but his death is not due to sickness.. oh no my dear.. HE WAS KILLED!! by whom???

it was not the 2 cats that live in this house.. they never hurt him before (though sometimes they'd pay a visit inside the glass aquarium where the hamsters lived and messed around).. not my housemates.. no sir.. but it's his wife!! i dont know why.. its still a mystery to me.. but the only conclusion i can make is that Masha cant satisfy her sexual needs (tak dpt nak bg nafkah batin).. she got frustrated.. so she killed him.. how did she do it? she ate his big scrotum.. he suffered severe hemorrhage and blood loss and he died of shock..

i was with him when he's in his death brink.. i watched him.. cried beside him.. i rub his paw.. i'd squeezed it if it was big enough.. all i can do is just watch him.. died slowly... Oh my dear Masha.. huhu..

in behalf of his memory.. i post together his video with one of his friend when he's in his youth.. the cat didn't live long too.. she died 1 week after she was taken in..


naqiubex said...

Sumthin weird, too many died.. I think the best way to see them lives is by letting them free.

lifeinside said...

sigh, syaima aku baca pastu tergelak sbb dia commit suicide bagai... hahaha.. tp patutnyer rasa sedih kan... :) sori..

syai_mania2000 said...

bro: hmm if i let them go they also wont live long looo.. they belong to the lower part of the food chain.. huhu..

mirul: hahaha.. no need to be sorry la.. aku biler teringat camner bini second dier mati ikut aper yg esme citer pun aku tergelak gak.. LOL!!