Wednesday, July 22, 2009

bad day?

hi all.. i havent updated my blog since..well..quiet a while.. i'm not that much of a blogger.. today has been somewhat unfortunate for me.. at the beginning of the day.. well.. nothing much.. i woke up for subuh.. i slept back. n then i woke up again around 11 o clock.. the usual.. i have planned out my day that i will go out after zohor to change my driver's license to permanent, go to sitiawan forex to change money, n buy a bus ticket to kl..

so after zohor i got out of the house n start to drive my dad's big jeep to jpj.. i parked the car across the road coz the jpj's entrance is quiet small for me to drove the car to the parking lot.. i seem to have a problem adjusting with this big jeep.. so i went inside the jpj.. took sometime to search for no. giliran ticket.. it was at the inquiry counter.. u have to ask the receptionist for it.. (why didn't they put it next to the entrance door?).. but thank God.. bcoz of that, i dont have to wait for a long time to find out that i still cant change my license to permanent.. i have to wait for 7 days before my period ends.. well, it ends on 11th sept 2009.. its still to early.. so i just think.. what the heck.. i can ask lukman to renew it for me later.. as i go out from the jpj.. i was called out by this life insurance agent guy.. i was persuaded to buy the life insurance.. n i had to pay rm20 just to get away.. what a waste..

then i went to sitiawan to change my dollar.. i parked at this small parking area.. i make a big mistake.. shouldn't have parked there.. huhu.. after i changed my money i was gonna go home.. so i reverse my car n accidently took a wrong turn.. the route was blocked by cars.. so i reverse again take the other route.. n them BANG!!.. i rammed a green perodua myvi.. i was shock as hell.. i've never hit a car before.. i tried to stay calm.. i got out from the jeep.. n asked around for the owner of the car.. alas.. he was not at the scene.. what should i do??.. i was thinking about leaving my phone number at the car wiper.. but i dont memorize my number.. it was a new number u see.. i dont know what to do.. so i got back in my jeep.. start the engine.. n i just chow..

n now.. i regret for doing that.. i should have just stayed there until the owner arrives.. i feel so irresponsible.. so guilty.. ARGGGHHH!!.. damn it!!